About Us

Odalys LLC is co-owned by Travis E. Williams and Zuleika O. Flores, and was co-founded by the two in 2017 with a mission to become the nation's largest inmate service provider while simultaneously assisting citizens abroad via the provision of affordable services and products. Odalys LLC is licensed in Virginia and registered with the Virginia State Corporation Commission.

Our goal is to combat our nation's unacceptable rate of mass-incarceration through our provision of services and literature geared to facilitate rehabilitation and self-improvement amongst the adult inmate population in the United States.

Although we look forward to, and are working hard to becoming one of our nation's largest inmate service providers, we are committed to assisting inmates and citizens alike. We humbly ask and appreciate your assistance with helping us by spreading the word about our company, services, and products. Thank you.

Zuleika O. Flores, CEO.